What is Your High Speed Internet IQ?

How much about the inner workings of high speed internet do you need to know? In truth, you really do not have to be enormously knowledgeable on the subject. However, a little bit of knowledge can help you make good decisions on what services to sign up with. In truth, very, very few subscribers to internet service have an understanding of how high  speed internet works. This might be fine for their purposes, but it might not necessarily be good for you if you have serious business uses for your internet in mind. Hence, reading up on how high speed internet works might not be a bad idea.

The Data Cap Conundrum: Is It Real?

The internet will always has its trouble spots it might have to overcome. One such area that is raising concern would be the issue of data caps. Some have said that data caps are designed to punish those that subscribe to broadband. In some cases, it is intended to discourage excess use of video streaming. You could say the cable internet providers might be influencing some of these bandwidth capping decisions. While there are definitely a number of complaints emerging about data caps, the problem might not be as severe as some suggest it is. Most will find they can use their internet without any caps.

The Wrath of the Digital Pirates May Help the Music Industry

Is it possible that digital pirates can actually help the music industry. To say that piracy can help the industry might be somewhat dubious. Millions of dollars in sales are often lost due to piracy related costs. However, there might be one bright spot for the music industry. Namely, acquiring one song via piracy can lead some to buy the entire CD. It can happen. That said, the music industry very doubtfully wishes to promote piracy of any kind and for the obvious reason. The music industry wishes to maintain control of its copyrights so any approval or piracy, even tactic approval is not likely.

Mobile Communications for Education

Can mobile phones provide a viable source of education? Well, why would it not? Mobile phones are highly advanced and offer many forms of communications. No matter how educational material is transferred, the key point is as long as it is delivered clearly. Not everyone will look at the mobile phone as being viable as an educational source, but such an opinion is a very shortsighted one. Anyone with such an assessment is only looking at what the phone is commonly used for and not what it can be used for. Technology of any kind can help in education and the mobile phone is no exception.

The Limits of Social Media Relationships

Social media relationships have much value, but you always have to realize that there will be limitations to interactions. Even when you are using IM, voice or webcam based communications, there is still a limitation on how people interact. While the communication is real, interactions made through meeting on social media are not as real as meeting a person in the real world. Most people do realize this. However, there are those that invest a large amount of their interactions with others through social media and other internet platforms. It is well advised such persons understand the limitations such a forum presents.

Congress Considering Rewriting The Telecom Law

Currently there are four Democratic lawmakers who are interested in reviewing, and possibly making changes, to the current Telecom Law, that was developed in 1996, and are looking to begin this project in June.  However, there are 74 Democratic lawmakers who oppose this project as they feel this would give the FCC more oversight over broadband.  Of course, broadband providers and their lobbyists are protesting this change of the law, and all sides agree that there needs to be more competition within the industry.  The FCC has encouraged slight changes to be made at this time, but that is not making all sides in this issue agreeable.  Taking all things into consideration, it does not seem as though this will be agreed upon to begin in June, which is timeframe that the four Democratic lawmakers would like to begin.


Stay Financially Secure with HSN Coupons

During these tough economic times it’s more important than ever to reduce you spending. However, this does not necessarily mean you need to reduce your shopping. It simply means you need to be smart with what you buy. And one of the best ways to do this is by applying HSN coupons. You can find current HSN Coupons online where you can get the latest home shopping network coupons for all departments from jewelry to home décor, from fitness to cookery. Just because the economy is in a downhill slump doesn’t mean you have to put a halt to shopping. It just means that finding the discounts to save you at the checkout is now more important than ever.