Not All High Speed Internet Providers in My Area Rank Tops For Customer Service

While you may choose an internet provider based on their speed and price, there is one area that is most overlooked when looking for a new company, and that is customer service. Why is customer service so important? Because it can make a big difference to your overall experience with a company, as well as to the overall perceived value of the service you are receiving from them. A report just released today by the Temkin Group reveals how internet users felt about the customer service they received from their internet companies.

Unfortunately, too many internet customers rated their internet companies very low on the customer service scale.  Some of these companies included those popular high speed internet providers in my area. And the numbers were quite shocking, with some companies coming in as low as thirty percent where net satisfaction by customers was considered. Of course, no company can please every customer all of the time. But you can avoid becoming a dissatisfied customer yourself by consulting customer reviews of companies before you choose which one to sign up with. After this research has been completed, you can go about the business of finding the internet company that can deliver the speed you need at a cost you can live with.

Increasing The Security Of Your Home Network

If you have a network in your home, you may have read that these can be incredibly easy to hack. But while this may seem like incredibly bad news, the reality is that there are more than a few ways to protect your home network. One of these tips is to take a look at the default settings of your router. These are set by the router manufacturer, and the reason they should be changed is that default settings are common knowledge. The two most important settings to change are the log-in password and the default IP address of the router. To get to these areas, simply navigate to the LAN setup area of the online interface for your router.

Updating the firmware of your router is another popular way to ensure your home network is secure. This will not only improve its performance, but ensure that you have the latest version of software that has been distributed in order to patch any security holes recently discovered through which hackers can easily enter. Experts recommend that, before you make any updates to the firmware of your router that you back up the router’s information, as updating can sometimes reset your router to its factory settings.

Security Breaches Cause Twitter To Protect ATT Internet Service Users And Others With More Measures

Hackers who targeted the Twitter feeds of high-profile media organizations have caused  the social media service to step up its security measures for users of ATT Internet Service and other ISPs. The new measures would require users to undergo a type of two-factor authentication, which would require two steps before being able to log in. But Twitter’s product security staff warns that this doesn’t mean your password can be weak, urging all users to increase their personal security by using strong passwords.

The two-factor authentication can be set to receive a text message from the service containing a verification code needed for successful login. In order to do this, Twitter users will need to have verified both their email address and phone number. Although experts say this move is a step in the right direction, they also say that Twitter has a number of other security issues which need working out.

The World of eBooks is Opened Thanks to the Internet

 There are quite a few ways you can stay informed and entertained thanks to the internet. Once such way would be to use the internet as a means in which to access free books. There are quite a number of sites in which someone can download free eBook material. These eBooks are available on scores of different topics. Regardless of what type of eBook you would prefer to read, you do want to acquire the eBook as quickly as you can. The way to do this would be to download it with a high speed internet service. Anything slower than DSL/Broadband could make it interminable to acquire the eBooks.

Do You Really Have to be Up to Date on Google’s Privacy Policy

Google is changing its privacy policy and this has led some to feel a sense of alarm. Then, there are those that really do not worry or care about any changes Google may be making whatsoever. They just do not pay attention to such things. For some, this is acceptable but for anyone involved with internet commerce, such an attitude is not a good one. It could lead an internet based small business to getting into a lot of trouble. If your goal is to offer a product or service online, you must accept the fact your potential customers will be finding you via the Google search engine. That means you must be up to date on any changes with Google.

Making Sense of Net Neutrality

Staying up to date on the current goings on with net neutrality is definitely advised. Granted, there will be quite a number of people that really do not pay attention to such laws, rules or regulations. They might find their business operations are not effected in any way. However, there are also those that get caught completely by surprise and have to deal with a few less than desirable situations. Would you like to be caught unaware or would you prefer to be prepared? Obviously, you want to be prepared. This means you will need to stay up to date on any goings on with net neutrality rules.

The Ever Growing Evolution of Television

calcTelevision has come a long way over the years. At one time, you needed a converter box to watch the old UHF signal expanding television viewing capabilities to a full 7 channels! Today, the world of television is much different and that is a good thing. Progress is wonderful and it ensures television viewing and the TV industry is never stagnant. This allows viewers to have a wider selection of choice which extends beyond mere entertainment. The television industry is also one we rely on for information. The more advanced the television landscape becomes, the more informed and, yes, entertained the public becomes.

Keeping It Real When Interacting Online

Technology has made it possible to be more socially active than ever before. Thanks to the internet and social media sites, you can engage with others like never before. To get the most out of such endeavors, it is well advised to just be yourself. This might seem like a really simple piece of advice, but it is also the most overlooked. A great many people think the way to get the most out of their online excursions is to try and be someone else. They do this by creating a pseudo self. This is really unwise because it does little more than disconnect you from reality.

Simplicity and the Success App Concept

Keeping things simple is likely the best thing you should do when you are new to creating apps. You might have ideas in your head for very complicated and advanced designs and this is a good thing. The resultant apps from these ideas might end up being huge sellers in the market. The issue you do have to deal with though would be a lack of experience in crafting an actual app. This is why it is so very necessary to keep it simple when you are devising an app for the first time. Use the simple app to build experience.

Social Media and Education Merge

Will the next phase of education come in the form of social media formated learning? This may very well be the case although the time it takes for social media and education to fuse together will take some time. The truth is someone with 25 years experience in education is likely set in a certain way of running a class in a traditional manner. Virtual education strategies such as using social media is not something old school educators may be quick to embrace. However, in time, this will likely begin to change and social media will be employed for more serious pursuits such as increasing increasing access to education.

Getting Simple Points Across on Twitter

Twitter is not exactly a forum for long monologues or dialectics. You are limited to only making a statement of a sentence or two. That can be a good thing. When you wish to stay in touch with friends or family, a single sentence might be all that is required. Long, droning posts on Facebook sometimes lead to a message being lost. That is not the case with Twitter. You are forced to keep your messages brief. That means the messages have to stay focused which is certainly a good thing. Otherwise, you run the risk of not getting your points across.

Fair or Not, Employers are Looking at Facebook Profiles

Why are employers interested in looking at your Facebook profile. The reason is they want to be sure you are not a liability. Your Facebook page will clearly reflect a lot of biographical information about you. Sadly, it will also reflect personal information that might play to the biases of a future employer. While this might seem unfair, the fact remains employers are more and more interested in taking advantage of the information made available via Facebook. To reduce the potential the information may be used against you, it is advisable to simply be very careful about what you publish on social media sites.

Former Quest DSL Wants More Funding

The former Quest DSL joined two more of the largest independent wireline telecom providers in the United States  yesterday and sent a letter to the FCC with a request for more money from the Connect America Fund. The additional funding, if granted, will allow for the extension of broadband service into more rural areas. The letter explained the importance of broadband as life-changing and necessary for prosperity and economic recovery.

Only a portion of the allotted CAF funding was accepted by Centurylink in June of 2012. This was because the company said the FCC’s per-household restriction of $775 to install broadband was not feasible. The company was eligible for $90 million in funding, but only took $35 million. Another major provider, Frontier, accepted almost $72 million dollars from the Connect America Fund.


Speed Increase Latest In Comcast Specials Being Offered To Customers

More Speed For Comcast CustomersComcast users in Southwest Washington and Oregon will be getting some good news today: for no additional cost, they will be enjoying increased internet speed. This latest of Comcast specials involves two of the company’s most popular plans under its XfinityInternet product. Blast! And Extreme50 will both see increased speeds by as much as 50 Mbps for download and up to 6 Mbps for upload.

The company also has another plan it’s increasing, which is its Performance plan. This particular plan will increase download speeds to 20 from 15 Mbps, and upping its upstream to 4Mbps from its previous 2Mbps. The company said in a statement that all that’s required for customers to begin enjoying their faster speeds is to restart their cable modems.

ATT Uverse And Other Internet Users Will Have To Do The Two-Step With Apple

Following the lead of other companies like Facebook and Google, Apple has now decided to jump on the bandwagon to thwart security threats. Its iCloud product will now require two-step authentication for ATT Uverse and other users. This will allow users to have more security when attempting to access their accounts from devices the service doesn’t recognize. Users will have to set up the authentication on their accounts, which they were able to do as of yesterday. This requires simply visiting Apple’s site and clicking “Password and Security”.

Apple ID’s two-step verification will involve entering a username and password, and then waiting for a verification code to be sent to the device requesting access. Then, the user need only enter that code to verify their identity and access their account. This new authentication process means that hackers will find it difficult to access iCloud accounts unless they also have access to the account holder’s device.


Anonymous Attack Was Helped Along By High Speed Internet And Reuters Editor

Shockwaves rattled the social media world yesterday when a deputy social media editor working for Reuters was slapped with a federal indictment. The indictment claimed that the editor helped notorious hacking group Anonymous via high speed internet to hack the Tribune Company, his former employer, by giving them his username and password.

The editor lost his job at the Tribune Company following the company’s bankruptcy. The information given by the editor was used to log into the company’s content management system. Evidence gathered to indict the editor included logs of an IRC chat, in which the editor is shown speaking with a hacker following the exploit.

Million Dollar Search Fraud Botnet Halted, Rerouted Traffic From Internet Providers In My Area

Two tech giants have successfully shut down a botnet consisting of hundreds of thousands of computers, at least for the time being. The botnet, named Bamital, was responsible for redirecting billions of clicks from millions of computers to web sites they didn’t intend to visit via internet providers in my area. The sites contained online advertising networks that, through the huge amounts of traffic generated, made the botnet operators a million dollars per year.

The servers were taken down yesterday by two technicians accompanied by federal marshals. As well, a third server was seized in New Jersey, while the voluntary shut down of a fourth server was executed in Virginia. The malware had been operating since 2011, but it took investigators quite a while to pinpoint where the offending servers were located. The malware redirected search page clicks to the botnet’s servers, which then used HTML redirects to feed traffic into advertising networks.

Well-Known Internet Service Provider Could Have A Big Deal Coming: Wall Street

Amid a surge in the stock price, one internet service company has made Wall Street wonder if there’s some kind of acquisition or merger in the works. Employees of the company have helped to fuel the rumors, saying that all budgets have been frozen. Add to that the confirmation of a number of manager conferences, and the wheels begin to spin.

The company is Charter Communications, and the speculation is rampant. But many think that choosing now for some kind of sale may not be the best idea, considering that Charter spent a bundle – $10 million, to be exact – on new headquarters in Stamford. Internally, however, the company has been tightening its, belt, having eliminated its online support and social media teams. It’s also up in the air whether or not a merger would be approved by regulators, who may not see the point considering that the market is already uncompetitive.

Twitter To Try And Prevent Hacks Via Internet Service Providers Denver With New Authentication

An ad was placed on the Twitter site this week, looking for software engineers who were able to develop what the company called ‘user-facing security features’. Although Twitter wasn’t interested in sharing any details, enough was revealed in the job ad to get speculators talking via internet service providers Denver. In addition to asking for the type of security feature that was wanted, Twitter also gave examples, which were multifactor authentication and fraudulent login detection.

Although Twitter’s current use of OAuth prevents hackers from hijacking Twitter sessions as they are happening, it does not protect the user from the ‘man in the middle’ style of attack, where encrypted web traffic is intercepted by malicious access point. A two-factor authentication approach would protect both through prevented the hacking of passwords, and prevent account hacks if the password has already been compromised.

New Satellite Internet Offerings Could Threaten LTE

LTE is taking over ADSL connections, at least in some places in Europe. And it’s a great alternative, considering it can provide rural areas with the coverage they need. And likely, it’s the only high speed coverage they will probably get, given that high speed fiber probably will never make it to their location. But unless local regulators force it, the deployment of LTE is largely without motivation as far as operators are concerned. However, satellite internet may be the perfect solution.

Those living in the country may soon be able to access a new kind of satellite service which offers them up to 20 Mbps download speed. The new service claims to offer the fastest connection available from a satellite. Those wanting a slower speed, however, will only have one choice, which is the 2Mbps package.



One Of The Internet Service Providers San Francisco Offering Prepaid,

A popular wireless carrier launched some new prepaid plans today, amid much industry buzz. Verizon Wireless, one of the internet service providers San Francisco will now offer unlimited text and unlimited talk, as well as capped 3G packages in two flavors:  500 MB or 2GB. The 500MB plan is priced at $60 monthly, where the 2GB package can be had for just ten dollars more. The service is available to customers with Samsung, HTC, and Blackberry devices, among others.

Pre-paid plans are gaining popularity among many users who don’t want to be restricted to a contract for a pre-determined period of time. This kind  of package also works well for those with limited budgets or those who don’t  find they use their devices enough to warrant continuous service. Prepaid plans also don’t carry any penalties for cancelling if that’s what the user needs to do.


Which Of The Cable, Satellite, Fiber Optic Or DSL Providers Should You Choose?

When it comes to internet service, there’s no doubt that you have many choices. And when you’re looking at prices for DSL providers and other companies, you may be tempted to go with the one having the lowest price and fastest advertised speed. But no matter which provider you’re considering, you should know that what you see isn’t always what you get.

In reality, no advertised internet speed is accurate or constant. There are simply too many variables at play which can affect your connection. Any data that travels between your internet provider and your computer will encounter a number of obstacles which can affect your connection. Some of these obstacles you may not notice at all, while others can slow down your connection significantly, enough to cause you to call your provider to find out what’s going on.

Blackberry 10 Launches Today, Buzz About New OS

Today marks the day that Blackberry launches its latest incarnation of its device, along with a brand new OS that promises to revolutionize the mobile world. But first is the fact that the company has now dropped its RIM moniker to call itself Blackberry, a move that would make the company into one brand. Two new phones will be launched today; namely, the Blackberry Z10 and the Blackberry Q10. The Z10 will be offered for AT&T and Verizon customers for $200 with a three year contract.

As far as release goes, the United States will have to wait until around the middle of March due to more stringent carrier testing. Canada will be able to buy the phones on February 5, while the United Kingdom will be able to get their hands on the new devices on January 31. According to reports, the Blackberry 10 devices are very suitable for one-handed use. The BB Hub offers access to social media, emails and other messaging without the need to enter into separate applications on the device to access missives.

One Of Popular Internet Service Providers Minneapolis Patents New

A new mechanism was recently patented by one of the well-known internet service providers Minneapolis which will provide a new way to back up DVR data in the event of a power outage. Fierce Telecom reports that CenturyLink was the company who filed that patent. Its ‘power outage DVR backup system’ would ensure that customers would be able to retrieve any recordings on their DVR once power is restored following an outage.

But customers would not only be able to retrieve already-recorded content; the mechanism also allows video content to be recorded during a power outage. The key to no-power recording is the use of an optical network terminal as the mechanism for backup. Should the power go out during the time of a scheduled recording, the network terminal will serve as the storage device, and then transfer any recorded material to the DVR once power has been restored.

How Internet Providers And Classical Music Are Coming Together

A new web project will allow for anyone using internet providers to enjoy an enhanced experience when listening to classical music online. The project, called Orchestrated Text, generates descriptive text when a user plays a particular piece. The text explains to the user how the arrangement of notes and melodies is used to bring about the feeling of the piece, an example being Vivaldi’s “Winter”.

In order to ensure that the descriptive text appeared during specific parts of the classical piece being played, it was discovered that HTML5 animation did the best job. As the page loads a piece of music, instructions for time and animation accompany the text to be loaded, with the browser rendering the text according to the instruction when the piece reaches each timing.

Does Buffering Indicate That You Have The Best Internet Provider?

You may have had the experience where you want to watch an online video
of some kind, but had to wait several times throughout it for the next little
piece to load so that you could view it. This is called buffering, and it can
happen with even the best internet provider. Basically, the more bandwidth you have with your ISP and your connection, the less waiting you will have to do for videos to load.

This is the cause of both your computer and your ISP. Not only does your computer need to download enough video data to show it to you, but your ISP must also configure its data to match the speed of your connection. The ideal scenario would be to have a connection with the same ISP as your video source does, as well as being in the same area as your video source. But when you consider the rarity of the scenario, you realize how common buffering issues really are.

Are Your Issues With Internet Service Providers Houston Or

When we have issues with our internet, it can be easy to blame internet service providers Houston for them. But there are actually many internet problems that can be solved with one simple solution: resetting your cable modem. Any modem can become bogged down and perform slower than usual. When this happens, a reset can often be the best way to get a fresh – and therefore faster – connection with your ISP.

Issues with your internet connection being compromised can be solved by ensuring that you are using a different, or dynamic, IP address whenever you connect to the internet. If this has been set up, then regular resets of your cable internet modem can ensure that hackers have less of an opportunity to enter your computer. Of course, it also helps to have a solid antivirus program and firewall in place as well.