Discover The Many Benefits of Having A Fiber Optic Internet Connection

Searching for a new internet provider? If so, there is one company that get the job done at the speed of light: ATT Uverse. It’s important to understand that this company offers two types of internet; DSL that’s delivered via your existing phone line, and fiber optic internet via U-verse. Uverse delivers internet via fiber optic cable. This is the fastest residential internet connection you can get. The dedicated fiber optic line transfers your data at the speed of light and offers a noise-free connection so that you can enjoy the internet without interruption. The fastest package U-Verse has promises download speeds of 18 Mbps. Uverse also offers a DVR which can be connected to several TVs in your home. Everyone in your home can watch, program, record and delete their programming from one DVR simultaneously. And bundling internet with TV and phone can save you a lot of money.